The first RC of Spring Boot 3.0 has been released, along with updates for two branches: 2.7.5 & 2.6.13.


The release announcement states that this version contains 135 feature enhancements, documentation improvements, dependency upgrades and bugfixes.

Development of Spring Boot 3.0 began with the experimental Spring Native, designed to provide support for GraalVM native images. In this release, developers can now convert Spring Boot applications to native executables using the standard Spring Boot Maven or Gradle plug-ins without any special configuration.

This release also adds new content to the reference documentation to explain the concepts behind AOT processing and how to start generating your first GraalVM native image.

In addition to this, Spring Boot 3.0 completes the migration to JakartaEE 9 and upgrades the Java version used to Java 17.

Other new features.

  • More flexible auto-configuration for Spring Data JDBC
  • Auto-configuration for Prometheus examples
  • Enhanced Log4j2 functionality, including profile support and environment property lookup

See Release Note for details.

The updates to Spring Boot 2.7.5 and 2.6.13 focus on fixing bugs, optimizing documentation and upgrading dependencies, see Release Note (2.7.5, 2.6.13) for details.